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CNIC Laboratories

Our laboratories use the latest cutting-edge neuroimaging methods to investigate a wide range of nervous system disorders using techniques spanning levels from single molecules and neurons to networks including the entire brain and spinal cord.

Benjamin Lab

We seek to improve neurosurgical planning in epilepsy. Our current work focuses on using fMRI and the tools of neuropsychology to predict any risk to language or memory.

Blumenfeld Lab

We investigate normal brain mechanisms of consciousness, impaired consciousness in epilepsy, and restoration of consciousness through deep brain stimulation. 

Corbin Lab

We are exploring multiple techniques to better define the metabolic foundations of human glioblastoma in vivo, with the aim to improve the understanding of cancer and oncologic care in general. 

Fredericks Lab

We use advanced imaging methods to better understand how Alzheimer’s disease - especially less common forms of it - spreads across brain networks.

Kim Lab

We investigate MRI and EEG biomarkers that improve prediction of short and long-term complications after severe acute brain injuries, such as subarachnoid hemorrhage, trauma and stroke.

Salardini Lab

We use molecular imaging to investigate the role of the innate immunity in the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Tinaz Lab

We investigate the neural correlates of motor, cognitive, and behavioral problems in patients with movement disorders, especially Parkinson’s disease, using multimodal neuroimaging.