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Policies & Resources

What’s available to me for help and guidance?

If you would like to develop a CME activity, or are interested in collaborating on CME initiatives, many materials and resources are available to assist you in this process.


Resources & Forms

Yale CME provides “how-tos,” for the development, implementation and evaluation of CME activities. To view, please visit our Help section on our CloudCME LMS Website.

The Yale CME Application is the initial form required to start planning a CME activity. It is designed to help facilitate analyses and guide the planning process. Other forms will be required depending on the type of activity, the educational format selected, and whether or not commercial support will be used. But all activities require the following:

  • Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships:For each presenter, author or educational partner who is in a position to control content.
  • Disclosure Summary or Slide: Disclosure information provided to learners prior to the start of the educational activity. Each presenter should have their disclosure information included at the beginning of his/her presentation.
  • Basic Program/Speaker Evaluation form: A standard evaluation questionnaire used to elicit basic information following an activity. This is the minimum required. Methods of evaluation are determined by the objectives and desired results.