Project 1 Interventions

In May 2017, the Project 1 team introduced a wide-ranging intervention package to improve the quality and safety of the process by which patients with atraumatic ICH/SAH are transferred to YNHH.  

The primary intervention is a redesigned process for transferring patients with a diagnosis of atraumatic ICH/SAH. The process redesign was developed to standardize and sequence communication between all involved YNHH teams; to create clear channels of accountability and communication; and to lessen the burden on OSH physicians.

The communication process redesign is complemented by several smaller-scale interventions comprising the total multi-modal intervention. These include:

  • Providing standardized clinical protocols across the care continuum
  • Conducting statewide outreach
  • Optimizing the use of the electronic medical record (EMR) to transmit patient care plans
  • Streamlining and standardizing EMR order entry to align with clinical protocol
  • Improving electronic transmission of OSH imaging
  • Developing an Emergency Department alert to notify all relevant providers upon patient arrival to support team-based emergency care.

The team is also providing in-person coaching and academic detailing in the clinical environment to a variety of clinical and non-clinical providers.

For more information please contact Arjun Venkatesh, MD, principal investigator for CHIRAL Project 1, or Emily Finn, research associate for CHIRAL Project 1.