Innovative, Flexible Methods

All three CHIRAL projects are built on a framework that draws from improvement work in design and engineering. Our approach begins with a process analysis, then proceeds through design, development, implementation, and evaluation phases.

  • Process Analysis: The research teams gain a comprehensive understanding of the environment through in-depth qualitative research.
  • Design: Next, the projects design interventions. Human-centered design techniques, including the IDEO model, are employed as teams brainstorm ideas with participants, stakeholders, and consultants.
  • Development: The teams iteratively test and evaluate prototype interventions in a simulation laboratory, hospital unit, or outpatient setting.
  • Implementation: The interventions are implemented across the entire service to discover what bugs and glitches need to be addressed.
  • Evaluation: The effectiveness of each intervention is rigorously evaluated.

This approach enables the CHIRAL team to understand and remediate deviations from safe, high-quality care.