Evaluation of CFTSI in the Child Advocacy Center Setting

The impressive results of the CFTSI randomized controlled trial have been replicated by recent findings among children treated at Safe Horizon’s Child Advocacy Centers. 

Among a population of sexually and physically abused children in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, those who received the Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention demonstrated a statistically and clinically significant reduction in trauma symptoms. In addition, the CAC population demonstrated increased parent‐child communication and high levels of satisfaction with treatment following CFTSI

The collaboration between Safe Horizon and Yale’s Childhood Violent Trauma Center has resulted in a model approach to abused children that can benefit children who have suffered abuse in New York City and throughout the country in order that that they may have the chance to recover from their traumatic experiences. The Safe Horizon laboratory has now introduced us to working more broadly with Child Advocacy Centers across the country.

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To learn more about the effectiveness of CFTSI in the Child Advocacy Center setting, please check out our white paper, NY Times article, Outcome paper, and CFTSI paper.