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21c Publications

Below are some recent publications from The School of the 21st Century. Additional reports, as well as more information on the program can be found on their website.
Henrich, Ginicola & Finn-Stevenson (2006)

The School of the 21st Century is Making a Difference

This issue brief discusses findings from two research studies supporting the view that good quality early childhood education can be successfully implemented in public schools and make a difference. The programs can help to improve children's academic achievement and have a positive impact on the entire school. Implementing such programs is often difficult, but informed leadership and teamwork can help overcome these difficulties. Read the report in pdf format.

Ginicola & Finn-Stevenson (2005)

On-line Mental Health Survey Report

This report describes the results of a recent on-line survey of 21C personnel. Findings indicate that the majority of teachers and school professionals are dealing with children with mental health issues on a daily basis. Schools are in need of assistance with identification, assessment, and development of selected programs and activities that promote children's mental health. Read the report in pdf format.

Zigler Center (2003)

Portraits of Four Schools: Meeting the Needs of Immigrant Students and Their Families

This report describes Schools of the 21st Century that have experienced a large increase in their immigrant populations. Included are descriptions of the schools’ strategies for meeting the needs of these new students. Read the report in pdf format.