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Child Welfare Division

The Child Welfare Division was established at the Zigler Center in 2006 and is directed by Joan Kaufman. Abused and neglected children constitute one of the most at-risk groups in terms of compromised health and development, poor outcomes, and high cost to society. The Child Welfare Division of the Zigler Center brings knowledge from current research and best practices to bear on policy development, in order to improve outcomes for this extremely vulnerable group of children. The goal is to close the gaps among research, policy, and services, in order to reduce the barriers to helping children and their families.

Products of the Zigler Center’s Child Welfare Division will include a series of white papers. The white papers will identify current “best practices” in the field, which can then be used to create the most effective and efficient systems for providing permanent homes to abused and neglected children in a timely manner. We will also develop a research and policy agenda, both short- and long-term. We will disseminate our work to policy makers, practitioners, researchers and the general public, using the Zigler Center’s web site. Future work of the Child Welfare Division will identify critical gaps in child welfare research, practice and policy.