John Simon, J.D.

Augustus Lines Professor of Law, Emeritus
Professorial Lecturer, Yale Law School


Yale Law School

John Simon has been engaged in teaching in the field of elementary and secondary education at Yale Law School since 1965; in the past two years he has offered one course and sponsored two reading groups in this field. In the late 1990s he sponsored a series of student workshops that led in 1999 to the establishment -- by Yale Law School graduates -- of a widely-acclaimed inner-city charter school in New Haven, Amistad Academy. At Yale Law School he is currently directing a project that is exploring the potentiality of urban residential education as an option for inner-city children whose life circumstances impede learning and healthy development. Outside of Yale, Simon has been involved in a number of non-profit groups concerned with education and child development; currently his principal affiliations are with the Taconic Foundation (of which he is President) and the Open Society Institute - New York (of which he is a Trustee).

Select Publications

John G. Simon, Laura B. Chisolm, and Havey P. Dale, "The Federal Tax Treatment of Charitable Organizations," in Walter W. Powell and Richard Steinberg., Eds., The Non-Profit Sector: A Research Handbook (Yale University Press, 2006).