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Zigler Fellows

The below are Zigler fellows for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Pre-doctoral Fellows

Marie Bragg , Graduate Student, Psychology (Clinical)

Kevin Callender, Graduate Student, Psychology (Clinical)

Mark Celano, Graduate Student, Psychology (Clinical)

Barbara Chaiyachati, MD/PhD Student, School of Medicine

Ryan Dillon, Graduate Student, Yale School of Nursing

Kathleen O'Connor Duffany, Graduate Student, Epidemiology & Public Health

Brittany Eiler, Graduate Student, Southern Connecticut State University

Lauren Herlihy, Graduate Student, Psychology (Clinical), University of Connecticut

Etienne Holder, Graduate Student, Public Health, Southern CT State University

Craig Holloway, Graduate Student, Sociology

Cindy Huang, Psychology Fellow, Consultation Center

Nina Shiffrin, Graduate Student, Psychology (Clinical)

Travis Snow, Graduate Student, International Relations

Erin L. Thomas, Graduate Student, Psychology (Social)

Marcela Torres, Psychology Fellow, Child Study Center

Laura Tucker, Psychology Fellow, Child Study Center

Elena Wright , Graduate Student, Psychology (Clinical)

Post-doctoral /Post-graduate Fellows

Alvi Azad, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow, Child Study Center

Tamora Callands, Postdoctoral Fellow, Consultation Center

Lisa Castagnola, Social Work Fellow, Child Study Center

Devon Fagel, Postdoctoral Associate, Child Study Center

Shannon Hill, Fellow in Child Care Policy and Economic Development, All Our Kin

William Hodges, Post-graduate Associate, Zigler Center

Myra Jones-Taylor, Postdoctoral Fellow, New York University

Tong Liu, Postdoctoral Fellow, Zigler Center

Heather Lord, Postdoctoral Fellow, Zigler Center

Monica Roosa Ordway, School of Nursing

Maria Parente, Office of New Haven and State Affairs

Angelica Ponguta, Postdoctoral Fellow, Child Study Center

Chin Reyes, Postdoctoral Associate, Child Study Center

Yvonne Humenay Roberts, Postdoctoral Fellow, Consultation Center

Caley Schwartz, Associate Research Scientist, Child Study Center

Frank Snyder, Postdoctoral Fellow, Consultation Center

Martine Solages, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow, Child Study Center

Laine Taylor, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow, Child Study Center

Emily Tejani, Psychiatry Fellow, Child Study Center

Angelica Torres

Anna Zonderman, School of Public Health

Undergraduate Fellows

Brian Bills, Political Science

Noah Bokat-Lindell, Political Science and History

Serena Candelaria

Jessica Cole, Political Science

Sam Gardenswartz, Computer Science

Reuben Hendler, Cognitive Science

Sarah Krinsky, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Ariella Kristal

Brandon Levin, Ethics, Politics & Economics

Lisa Lin, Biology

William Moran, Neuroscience

Nozomi Nakajima, Political Science

Josh Rubin, Global Affairs-International Security

Nicole Sebes, Elementary Education & Psychology, Southern CT State University

Marla Serino, Psychology, Southern Connecticut State University

Clare Sestanovich, English

Emily Suran, English

Marlena Vasquez, Political Science

Joseph Yagoda

Early Career Fellows

Lisa Adams

Pamela Adornato

Batool Alamire

Marika Coffman, Research Assistant, Child Study Center

Judy Hayward, Post-baccalaureate Student, Yale Teacher Prep Program

Nicki Hunter, Research Assistant, School of Nursing

Amy Jones

Anika Knox

Rebecca Loomis, Research Assistant, Child Study Center

Lily Preer, Research Assistant, Child Study Center

Maria-Threese Serana

Jessica Simmons, Research Assistant, Psychiatry

Jessica Thomas, Research Assistant, Neurobiology

Mid-career Fellows

Kristine Anthis, Associate Professor, Psychology, SCSU

Chisara Asomugha, Deputy Mayor for Community Services, City of New Haven; Clinical Instructor, Dept of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine

Jeana Bracey, Program Associate, Connecticut Center for Effective Practice, Child Health and Development Institute

Victoria Brescoll, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Yale School of Management

Donna L. Ching, Director of Development, Honolulu Office of Leo A. Daly

Jeanne Croy, Clinical Social Worker, Child Study Center

Lauren Naset Dennehy, Clinical Instructor, Child Study Center

Adriana Gonzalez, Clinician, Child Study Center

Crista Marchesseault, Research Associate, Child Study Center

Samantha Matlin, Research Faculty, Consultation Center

Weihua Niu, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Pace University

Christopher Oleskey, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

Signy Peck, Clinical Instructor of Social Work, Child Study Center

Susan Rivers, Associate Research Scientist, Psychology

Jeffrey Vanderploeg, Associate Director, Connecticut Center for Effective Practice, Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut

Senior Fellows

Melodia Pritchett, Education Consultant

Maggie Scarf, Journalist and Author