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Dorothy Singer, Ph.D.

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Senior Research Scientist, Psychology
Senior Research Associate, Child Study Center
Co-Director, Yale Family Television
Research and Consultation Center
Co-Director, Zigler Center Electronic Media and Families Unit


Dorothy G. Singer is Senior Research Scientist Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Yale University. She is also Co-Director of the Yale University Family Television Research and Consultation Center; Fellow, Morse College; and Fellow of The American Psychological Association. She co-directs the Electronic Media and Families Unit of the Zigler Center. Her research interests include early childhood development and television effects on youth. She consults with parent groups, television industry personnel and government agencies concerning television and education. She has written and developed parent and teacher training materials for day care centers and media literacy materials for educating children to be critical users of television. In 2006, she was recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Selected Book Titles

Make- Believe: Games and Activities to Foster Imaginative Play in Children
Imagination and Play in the Electronic Age
The House of Make- Believe: Children's Play and the Developing Imagination
A Piaget Primer: How a Child Thinks

Edited Book Titles

Children's Play: The Roots of Reading
Handbook of Children and the Media
Handbook of Children, Culture and Violence