Christopher Cerf

Co-Creator and Executive Producer of PBS "Between the Lions"
Writer/Composer/Lyricist for Sesame Street
President of Sirius Thinking, Ltd.
Consultant, The School of the 21st Century,
Yale University


Sirius Thinking

Christopher Cerf works with the Zigler Center’s The School of the 21st Century Unit, focusing on its early literacy work. He has been working with Matia Finn-Stevenson and a group of Center fellows and colleagues, including Michael Levine and Diantha Schull, on the creation of a pilot program to test the efficacy of aligning research-based multi-media early language and literacy materials with classroom pedagogy and community engagement/planning.

Select Publications

empty The Between the Lions Book for Parents: Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Child Learn to Read by Linda K. Rath, Louise Kennedy, & Christopher Cerf (2005).

Thanks & Giving: All Year Long by Marlo Thomas & Christopher Cerf (Editors) (2005).

The Iraq War Reader: History, Documents, Opinions by Christopher Cerf & Micah L Sifry (Editors) (2003).

Free to Be You and Me and Free to Be a Family by Marlo Thomas & Christopher Cerf (Editors ) (1998).