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Who We Are

The Zigler Center would not be what it is today without its dedicated faculty, fellows and staff.


Approximately 40 distinguished faculty members are affiliated with the Zigler Center. The faculty members are from a wide variety of disciplines, including: psychology, psychiatry, pediatrics, public health, social work, education, political science, and law. Center faculty conduct research, engage in policy-related activities, disseminate their work though both scholarly journals and the media, and supervise Zigler Fellows. You can read all about our faculty members on our faculty page.


Each year, approximately 50 fellows, also from a wide variety of disciplines, participate in the Zigler Center’s training program. The majority of fellows are graduate students; other fellows are psychology or social work interns, child psychiatry fellows, research assistants, post-doctoral researchers, educators, writers, and a small group of Yale undergraduates. The fellows conduct policy-relevant research, learn about current policy issues affecting children and families, gain an understanding of how policy is made and develop some of the skills necessary to work effectively in the policy arena. Fellows work under the guidance of a Zigler Center faculty member. For a list of current fellows, see our fellows page. For more information see our Training Program page.


In addition to our faculty and fellows, the Zigler Center has several support staff members. For a listing of our staff, see our staff page.