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MXW Yale-Chinese Parenting Program Launched

April 16, 2019

A generous gift from a Chinese family will be used to establish a fund to initiate the MXW Program at the Yale Child Study Center. Funds will be directed to a research survey focused on the needs of parents of Chinese children, analysis of the results, and the development of parenting materials that could be useful to parents and caregivers.

This research will help Chinese parents to examine their parenting philosophy and learn how best to facilitate healthy relationships with their children to minimize negative impacts while maximizing positive influences on facilitating their children’s characters, psychologic health, life attitudes, values and more. We are building the fundamental ground for fostering children’s abilities to follow their own voices to develop their own passions, apart from the desires of their parents, and to be curious, passionate, trustworthy, and healthy contributors to society.

The effort will be spearheaded by Yale Child Study Center researchers Walter Gilliam, PhD and Tong Liu, PhD.

Submitted by Lauren Perry on April 16, 2019