Becoming a Member

Our schools are facing changes related to the needs of today’s children and families and school achievement requirements.

New patterns of work and family life have generated concerns for parents, especially a pressing need for affordable, quality childcare. These same changes have created new challenges for educators to ensure that children arrive at school ready to learn and receive the support they need to succeed academically.

Benefits of Belonging to the Arkansas 21C Network

Through the 21 C Network, Yale keeps 21C schools informed about relevant research, new funding opportunities, evaluation findings and more. Schools are able to communicate with each other regarding implementation challenges and strategies. Schools within the 21C Network receive materials such as implementation manuals and position papers, and a subscription to the 21C Community Newsletter. Arkansas 21C Network members are provided several opportunities each year for training and in-service workshops within the state

Network members attend a School of the 21st Century conference at Yale University, with workshops covering a wide array of topics. Arkansas 21C Network members also are provided with an opportunity to meet staff from 21C Demonstration Sites around the country and visit these sites to learn more about 21C.

Interested in becoming a member? Please contact Deborah Swink, Senior Associate, 21C National Peer Training for Yale 21C at

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