Training : Getting Started

The first step in becoming a School of the 21st Century is to gain familiarity with the model and its components and principles.

A strong commitment to the principles is an essential element for the program’s success. Before beginning implementation and entering into a working relationship with the Yale Zigler Center, the school must indicate that the program has the support of both the superintendent and the principal.

If a school demonstrates this commitment, Yale then invites a team of key stakeholders from the school to an orientation meeting with Zigler Center staff.

After learning more about the program, the steps involved in implementation, and the experiences of other schools that have implemented 21C, the school team makes a decision about whether or not to implement the School of the 21st Century program in their school.

Schools that want to implement the program enter into an agreement with the Yale Bush Center regarding training and consultation services.

If you are interested in getting started, contact us.

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