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Current Initiatives

Elevate Announces New Policy Initiatives!

Triple Bottom Line Justice

Triple Bottom Line Justice (TBLJ), a policy approach that involves simultaneously tackling health, economic, and environmental challenges facing overburdened and under-resourced populations to address the root causes of health disparities and improve outcomes, will be a key focus of the Elevate 2020 policy agency. TBL Justice builds on the MOMS Partnership® model to advance behavioral wellness while supporting economic stability and environmental sustainability through an integrated policy and place-based practices methodology.

TBL Justice is premised on the experience that meaningful engagement of underserved, overburdened, and underrepresented individuals in environmental, economic and health decisions at the local, state and national government levels improves the health of these individuals and communities, and increases the effectiveness of government policies. Under the leadership of our new Policy Director, Ms. Suzi Ruhl, JD, MPH, Elevate looks forward to applying the MOMS Partnership® model to increase the capacity of overburdened and under-resourced individuals to meaningfully engage in government decisions that affect their lives.

Maternity Bundles

Troubling maternal health outcomes in the United States, including rising maternal mortality rates and increasing preterm birth rates, have led to a demand for innovative solutions. Moreover, these negative trends persist despite the fact that the U.S. spends more on hospital-based maternity care than any other country in the world. As a result, states and insurers are experimenting with bundled payments for maternity care as a way to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Bundled maternity payments also offer opportunities to integrate mental health care for mothers during and after pregnancy and to address maternal and infant needs more holistically. Research has shown that the availability and accessibility of basic needs such as housing, food, and diapers can significantly impact maternal and infant health during the perinatal period. Expanding maternity bundle payments will be a key component of Elevate’s 2020-21 policy agenda.

Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health Initiative with the Perigee Fund

Elevate is excited to announce the receipt of a policy-focused grant award. The Perigee Fund is a national philanthropic organization that is focused on improving perinatal and early childhood mental health prioritizing families affected by poverty, racism, and trauma. With support from the Perigee Fund, Elevate will convene two forums at Yale, bringing together national experts and stakeholders in the fields of maternal mental health policy and practice. These convenings will take place in May 2022 and May 2023. Publications emerging from these convenings are expected to drive decision-making amongst both practitioners and policymakers. Additionally, the Perigee will support Elevate’s engagement with Medicaid providers to scale and replicate the MOMS Partnership model.