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Related Programs

The School of the 21st Century program is affiliated with a number of other initiatives, programs, and organizations. Here are brief descriptions of each, in alphabetical order.

The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy

Implementation of the School of the 21st Century is coordinated by the Zigler Center. The Zigler Center was founded in 1978 to bring current research knowledge about child development into the policy arena, with the goal of improving the lives of America's children and families through informed public policy.

The Zigler Center conveys to policy-makers and the public what is known about the developmental needs of children, analyzes current and proposed policies affecting children and families, conducts policy-related research in child development, trains young researchers in the various processes through which policy decisions are made and in disseminating their research, and mounts large scale initiatives to solve identified problems of children and families, such as the unmet need for high quality, affordable child care.

Comer-Zigler (Cozi) Initiative

The School of the 21st Century works well with other school-reform programs. One such collaboration is the Comer/Zigler Initiative (CoZi). This initiative is a combination of Dr. James P. Comer's School Development Program (SDP) and Dr. Edward F. Zigler's School of the 21st Century (21C). CoZi offers a set of comprehensive family support services linked to the school through a child-centered, collaborative decision-making structure.

There are many models around the nation that aim to integrate services at the school site to better meet the needs of children and families. Often these services are co-located rather than coordinated. CoZi is unique because it includes the organizational plan of the School Development Program. This provides a ready mechanism to bring all the adults in the community -- teachers, parents, childcare, and service providers -- to the same table, where they can plan together and share information in a comprehensive way. The guiding principles of the SDP and 21C encourage the forging of a common mission, which keeps the child's development at the heart of all planning and decision-making.