Grodberg Lab


This project seeks to investigate the acceptability and feasibility of an innovative online system that implements par-ent training for parents who have children with mental health disorders.

MindNest Health is an online platform that delivers evidence-based and scalable education, training, and coaching for parents who have a child with mental health or behavioral problems. The company was developed at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute by a group of Yale University faculty and students from the Child Study Center and School of Management, respectively.

The MindNest Health offering includes an integrated learning management system that delivers parent education and parent training. Behavioral health support specialists (“coaches”) track parents’ progress through the training sessions provide direct asynchronous support. When indicated, referral to licensed clinicians using an integrated scheduling and telehealth system are readily available.

Participant Eligibility/Benefits

Age 3-9 with a clinical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Research Interest

Implementation of web-based parent training.

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