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Yale-China Program on Child Development


The Yale-China Program on Child Development (YCPCD) is a cross-cultural program, which promotes exchanges and facilitates cooperation between China and the US in early childhood education and child development.

In order to improve the quality of early childhood education and enhance child welfare in both countries, we organize academic exchanges and collaborations among universities, NGOs, and early childhood education institutions in the fields of preschool and kindergarten curriculums, preschool and kindergarten quality assessment, child’s EQ and child social policies, etc. in China and the US.

We work on three levels to bring improved early education practice to China. First, we work directly with a set of kindergarten programs in China that participate as lab schools in efforts to adapt learning materials and other supports for use in Chinese kindergartens. Second, we work with Chinese universities to conduct collaborative research on topics of interest in early education and child development, as well as to train Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scholars. Third, we work through government and media channels in China to provide training in early education and child development for early education teachers, directors, and political leaders.

The program is co-led by Dr. Walter Gilliam, Associate Professor in the Child Study Center and of Psychology, and Dr. Tong Liu, Associate Research Scientist in the Child Study Center.

Research Interest

Preschool education quality and assessment, student learning and learning disabilities, social emotional development, and curriculum adaption

Contact Information

Tong Liu
Phone: 203-432- 8950