Educational Research

The educational research pod covers the science and practical application of social and emotional learning in schools, the impact of preschool education and of the professional development of preschool teachers, and the assessment and strengthening of school climate.
  • Finn-Stevenson/Mutt-i-grees Lab

    Emerging research points to the benefits of canine assisted therapy and activities, especially with children with behavioral developmental and other mental health disorders. Our goal is to expand both practice and research in this area and promote the use CAT/A in school settings.
  • Yale-China Program on Child Development

    The Yale-China Program on Child Development (YCPCD) is a cross-cultural program, which promotes exchanges and facilitates cooperation between China and the US in early childhood education and child development.
  • Comer School Development Program

    The SDP program evaluation process captures the complexity inherent in whole-district and/or whole-school reform.