Clinical Innovations

The Clinical Innovation pod focuses on clinical trials of child mental health interventions, evaluating the accumulating evidence around specific interventions, and disseminating current assessments of the state of the evidence for child mental health treatments for different disorders. Additionally, investigators oversee clinical trials of new and promising treatments for childhood psychiatric disorders.

Anxiety & Mood Disorders Lab

The Anxiety and Mood Disorders Lab uses a range of assessment approaches, several developed by members of our team, including methods to capture self-reported data, behavioral methods,...

Bloch Lab

The Bloch lab focuses on establishing the efficacy and safety of various pharmacological treatments using evidence-based methodologies including meta-analysis and clinical trials.

Lebowitz Lab

We are interested in understanding the underlying neurobiological mechanisms of childhood anxiety disorders, and in developing and testing new therapies based on this understanding. A...

Sukhodolsky Lab

The Sukhodolsky lab conducts research on behavioral treatments for children with autism spectrum disorder, Tourette syndrome, OCD, anxiety and disruptive behavior disorders. We investigate...