Developmental Neurobiology

The developmental neurobiology pod includes investigations of normative neural de-velopment, neural cell differentiation, neurochemistry, and neurogenetics both in typical and a-typical development. Investigators in this pod have a special focus on key developmental disorders including autism as well as on the neurobiology of learning and memory.
  • Anderson Lab

    The Anderson Lab is interested in stress response systems, circadian rhythms, and serotonergic systems, and their involvement in dimensions of behaviors relevant to childhood developmental atypicality.
  • Lombroso Lab

    Members of the Lombroso lab study the role of the protein STEP in brain disorders.
  • Vaccarino Lab

    The primary goal of the lab is the integration of cellular, molecular and genomic data to better understand how mammalian stem and progenitor cells differentiate and mature into neurons, particularly for the human brain