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Christine Teal Raffaele

Postdoctoral Associate in the Child Study Center

Contact Information

Christine Teal Raffaele


Teal Raffaele, M.A. is a first year Psychology Fellow with a focus in Autism and Developmental Disabilities. She is currently a clinical psychology doctoral candidate at the Catholic University of America. Throughout her doctoral training, she has held clinical positions at Children’s National Hospital and Kennedy Krieger Institute, where she has focused on neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessment. She has specialized experience in evidence-based individual, group, and parenting interventions for youth with ADHD, autism, and mood/anxiety concerns. Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Teal earned her master’s degree in psychology from the College of William & Mary and worked as the Research Associate and Program Coordinator for the Autism Program at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Through her research, Teal seeks to contribute to more personalized recommendations resulting from neuropsychological and diagnostic assessment. Her current research involves determining individual differences in the relationship between cognitive processes and clinical outcomes within the context of neurodevelopmental diagnoses, as well as evaluating how best to support neurodiverse individuals as they transition to adulthood.