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Enna Khondkaryan, LCSW

Clinical Instructor of Child Counseling in the Child Study Center; Research Assistant

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Enna Khondkaryan, LCSW



Enna is a an outpatient clinician at the Yale Child Study Center, Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic for Children. Previously Enna worked as a research assistant in Dr. Sullivan’s area of Family Violence Programs and Research, particularly on a grant funded by the national Institute of Justice which focuses on protection orders and their effects on victims and their children. She is also a co-facilitator for the Family Violence Education Program, a court-mandated, psycho-educational program for first-time domestic violence offenders. In May 2012, Enna completed her Masters of Social Work from Columbia University in New York City and soon after earned her LMSW. Enna subsequently earned her LCSW during her time at the Outpatient Clinic.

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