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Sheila G. Brantley

Student Support Facilitator Coordinator

Contact Information

Sheila G. Brantley


Shelia G. Brantley serves as a Student Support Facilitator Coordinator for the New Haven Public Schools. Before that she served as the District Comer Facilitator in New Haven. She has been trained in the Comer Process and has implemented the program in New Haven since 1995. She presently collaborates with the School Development Program to work with ten schools in the district in the areas of team effectiveness, relationship building, child and adolescent development, and utilizing the guiding principles. She presents professional development in the Comer Process to teachers, staff, parents, and students.

Shelia has taught high school English and Special Education in public and private schools for over 30 years in a continuum of elementary, high school, and college levels. She attended Winthrop University and earned a BA in English and a MA in Learning Disabilities at the University of Northern Colorado. In addition, she completed post-graduate work in Educational Leadership at Southern Connecticut State University.

Shelia holds a leadership role in the educational reform School Change initiative presently being implemented by the New Haven Federation of Teachers and the District Central Office.