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Jan Stocklinski

Senior Implementation Coordinator

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Jan Stocklinski


Jan Stocklinski, MA is a Senior Implementation Coordinator and has been involved with the SDP since 1985. She retired in 1998 as Director of the Comer School Development Program after 32 years working in the Prince George's County Public Schools and the last 13 years in the Comer Office.

She was one of the original National SDP facilitators. Working with her staff she saw the Prince George's County SDP grow from 10 schools in 1985 to over 80 in 1998 and from a staff of 2 to a staff of 16. Together with her staff and others in the school system, Jan led the effort to create a local professional development program that became a Regional SDP Training Center in 1995. The center hosts training for school staff and parents locally and from around the United States.

Prior to working in the Comer Office, she worked as a Magnet Schools Facilitator, a Project STAY specialist, a pupil personnel worker, a junior high and high school counselor and a junior high school teacher. For two years, she served as a member of the Management Oversight Panel for the Prince George's County Public Schools

Jan has worked with school systems all across the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Trinidad and has presented at numerous conferences, which includes a presentation at the London Institute. She taught graduate courses for Western Maryland College (now McDaniels College) for 14 years, including courses on learning styles, coaching, motivation, classroom management, curriculum trends and issues, multiple intelligences, questioning skills, and verbal and non-verbal communication. She also coordinated the off-campus graduate program in Prince George’s County, MD.

She has received numerous recognition including Outstanding Educator for Prince George's County, "Women of Achievement in Prince George's County History" and congressional recognition (ET TEC Champion Award-2004) from Congressman Major Owens for her work with the Comer School Development Program. During the 35th anniversary of the School Development Program, she received the SDP’s Award for Excellence in Educational Leadership for a lifetime of dedication to children and families.

Jan has co-authored several articles on the Comer Process and co-authored with Sheila Jackson and Beckie Roberts a chapter on the Comer Facilitator in Dr. Comer's book, Child by Child. Most recently, she co-authored a number of chapters in The Field Guide to Comer Schools in Action.

Jan earned both her BA and Masters from Frostburg State University.