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Yale-Ohio CHILD Project

Strengthening Teacher Capacity to Address Challenging Behaviors and Promote Social and Emotional Climate

Welcome to the Yale-Ohio Research Project!

Recently, researchers from the Child Study Center at Yale University developed the Climate of Healthy Interactions for Learning & Development (CHILD) Tool that provides helpful rubrics to determine the extent to which preschool teachers are promoting a mentally healthy environment for young children. The CHILD tool is being implemented in several pilot sites around the country, including Ohio.

We invite you to participate in a research study conducted by Yale University in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. This study aims to assess the efficacy of supporting Ohio’s early childhood mental health consultation (ECMHC) services by providing preschool teachers with additional resources to address challenging behaviors and promote a socially and emotionally supportive climate of learning. Resources will include (1) a copy of the Practitioner’s Guide to the CHILD Toolkit for each classroom teacher participating in the study, and (2) teacher access to a virtual classroom where they can learn about the CHILD in more depth by viewing videos and engaging in reflective exercises.

The study entails random assignment into intervention and (wait-list) control groups. The similarities and differences for each of these groups are summarized below:

Intervention Group:

  • will receive standard ECMHC services or enhanced ECMHC services with CHILD resources
  • will participate in pre-test, midpoint, and post-test data collection activities
Waitlist Control Group:
  • will receive standard ECMHC services at the end of the study period
  • will participate in pre-test, midpoint, and post-test data collection activities

The study will begin in the fall of 2018. Data will be collected at baseline, midpoint (after 3 months), and endline (6-mo follow-up). Data collection will entail classroom observations and online surveys (teacher self-report of their thoughts and feelings about their role as a classroom teacher, and teacher report of child social and emotional outcomes). Centers, regardless of assignment to intervention or waitlist-control groups, will receive $100 for participating in the study. Participating teachers will also receive up to $100 total for completing all waves of data collection.

If you agree to participate in this research, we ask you to kindly fill out the school agreement form and return them along with the class rosters for your preschool classrooms either through email or through fax (203.432.7147) by August 31st, 2018 with the subject header “Yale-Ohio Study”. The class rosters will include the names of children in your classroom and the names of the teachers including contact information. Kindly indicate which of these children prompted the request for ECMHC services. We will randomly select two other children in addition to the list of children who prompted the request for consultation services.

Soon, we will inform you of your group status. We will also contact your teachers to request their participation in the survey. Finally, we will send out letters to parents, to inform them of our classroom observations and evaluation activities, which will be distributed by classroom teachers.

We look forward to your participation!

CHILD Promotional Video

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