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The Literate Brain: Research from the Leading Edge

New Date TBD

Presented by the Yale Child Study Center–Scholastic Collaborative for Child & Family Resilience and the Global Literacy Hub, this two-day conference was postponed from July 13-14, 2023. A new date will be announced as soon as it is confirmed. The conference will be hosted in-person at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. The event is designed to bring the latest, ground-breaking scientific research in how children learn to read, and translate those insights into practical classroom strategies.

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Conference Details

The Science of Reading is now mandated by more than 30 state departments of education – but exactly what do scientists know about how children learn to read, and how can we best put that into practice? The Literate Brain conference will take a balanced, in-depth look at the latest research from the perspectives of neuroscience, cognitive science, and implementation theory.

Join leading researchers and practitioners in a conference offering the latest research in accessible talks paired with relevant information and tools participants can bring into their classrooms. Participants will leave grounded in an understanding of how children learn to read, what happens when difficulties arise, and interventions that help mitigate stumbling blocks. They will gain tools and resources in their quest to help children develop literacy skills.


  • Mark Seidenberg
  • Julia Lindsey
  • Ken Pugh
  • Benjamin Powers
  • Nicole Landi
  • Danielle Scorrano
  • Jay Rueckl
  • Devin Kerns