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Book: The Dyslexia Debate

March 26, 2014

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The Dyslexia Debate

Elena L. Grigorenko, the Emily Fraser Beede Professor of Developmental Disabilities, and Julian G. Elliott, University of Durham

(Cambridge University Press)

“The Dyslexia Debate” examines how the term “dyslexia” is used and questions its efficacy as a diagnosis. While many believe that a diagnosis of dyslexia will shed light on a reader’s struggles and help identify the best form of intervention, the authors show that it adds little value. In fact, the problematic interpretation of the term could prove to be a major disservice to many children with difficulties learning to read.

This book outlines in detail the diverse ways in which reading problems have been conceptualized and operationalized. Elliott and Grigorenko consider the latest research in cognitive science, genetics, and neuroscience, and the limitations of these fields in terms of professional action. They then provide what is in their view a more helpful, scientifically rigorous way to describe the various types of reading difficulties and discuss empirically supported forms of intervention.

Submitted by Claire M. Bessinger - Van Graan on March 26, 2014