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Stories from the Yale Child Study Center: Chapter 1

May 04, 2020

As a part of her second year social work fellowship project, Hannah Bowen, LMSW, explored the mode of narratives and storytelling as a catalyst for deeper individual and organizational connections at the Yale Child Study Center (CSC). With encouragement and support from her peers and leadership, she set out to gather stories from eleven different inviduals representing various roles and disciplines within the CSC. She how they came to the CSC and what has kept them there and recorded their stories.

Her assumption was that the stories would illuminate the values, passions, and visions that live at the CSC and tie into its overall mission. Additionally, the overarching intent of the project was to reflect a “coming together," existing in cross-disciplinary work, and even more apparent since many from the CSC moved into a new clinical space last year. This project took off at the beginning of summer 2019 and has developed into a five-part documentary series that averages 20 minutes for each segment.

Watch Chapter 1 now.

Submitted by Lauren Perry on May 04, 2020