Smiling mom playing with baby

Minding the Baby® (MTB) grew out of an interdisciplinary collaboration among clinicians and researchers from the Yale Child Study Center, Yale School of Nursing, and Fair Haven Community Health Center in 2002. The co-founders of the program had all been working to improve the circumstances of at-risk families living in the community of New Haven, Connecticut for a number of years.

Despite the range of home visiting approaches available in the early 21st century, there was a need to develop a new program that attempted to bring together diverse approaches in a single, theoretically driven, unified model. In particular, it was important to integrate nursing and mental health approaches with home visiting, so as to address in a coherent, holistic way the multiple and complex attachment, health, and mental health needs of at-risk families.

The MTB clinical model is covered in more detail in the MTB Treatment Manual, one of three publications available as part of the Introductory Training Institute offered annually in the summer on the Yale campus. The Treatment Manual includes a general overview of the theory and history underlying the development of MTB, leading to a detailed description of MTB’s primary goals and assumptions. The manual also provides an overview of the structure and format of the intervention, as well as a consideration of the general process and function of the individual home visit.

Snapshots from this manual are available here on our website, including brief overviews of MTB’s Theoretical Underpinnings and Key Principles. Those interested in additional detail are encouraged to learn more about our Summer Training Institute, focused on lessons learned from the innovative clinical practice of the MTB program and implementation of the clinical model.