Key Principles

An applied research model, Minding the Baby® was designed for inner city mothers, children, and families blending research with intervention development. Focused on the enhancement of health, mental health, relationships, attachment, and life course outcomes within young families, a major goal of the program is prevention at a very early stage of the family.

Home visiting is the primary intervention modality, beginning in pregnancy through the child’s second birthday. At the core of the program are the following seven key principles.

  1. Promoting secure attachment, parental reflectiveness, health, mental health, and self-efficacy through theory-based intervention
  2. Taking an interdisciplinary approach
  3. Employing experienced master’s level clinicians
  4. Providing home-based services
  5. Using a relationship-based model, supporting reflectiveness through relationships
  6. Collaborating with Community Health Centers
  7. Evaluating the program with rigorous research
Along with the strong theoretical underpinnings of the clinical model, these principles drive the MTB intervention and the training based on lessons learned through the implementation of the model.