For Families

Minding the Baby® (MTB) home visitors work with first-time families. They help new mothers and fathers build strong relationships with their babies. They know that parenting is hard work – they answer questions, provide information, and help babies grow and develop. Because MTB home visitors are nurses and social workers, they work together on healthy minds and bodies.

MTB is offered in New Haven, Connecticut and Miami, Florida. MTB is also in Scotland, England, and Denmark. Funding is limited and caseloads in the New Haven program are currently full, but referrals may be open in the future. Please visit our Parenting Resources page for links to related organizations and other parenting programs to find similar services near you.

Please see How We Help for more about MTB services. New Haven MTB families receive newsletters every few months with helpful tips about parenting and child development. Some samples of these newsletters can be downloaded here.

If you live in Connecticut, be sure to visit or contact CT Infoline. If you live in New Haven, a number of helpful resources and links are also available at