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Brand Identity Information

In an effort to simplify, Yale Child Study Center leadership and Yale School of Medicine Office of Communications agreed that YCSC will be represented by a single brand to reflect the cooperative nature of our researchers, educators, and clinicians. This brand is a unified voice that communicates with our families, referring physicians, and community clearly and concisely and avoids information overload.


YCSC Full Logo

“Yale Child Study Center” is the name presented externally, and “Child Study Center” or “CSC” are only to be used for internal communications. Yale Child Study Center materials are to be co-branded with Yale Medicine and Yale School of Medicine wordmarks.

The use of a graphic element and tagline have been approved. This layout is for the specific use of marketing or other materials intended for external audiences.

The graphic element and tagline were developed to portray the Child Study Center’s mission to improve the mental health of children and families, advance understanding of their psychological and developmental needs, and treat and prevent childhood mental illness through the integration of research, clinical practice, and professional training. The graphic element represents the active, kinetic, dynamic, and flexible ways our researchers and clinicians think and act in the areas of clinical care, research, education, and policy. It also demonstrates our relationships—with patients, students, collaborators, and the community.

The graphic element is not for use on Yale business cards or stationery per Yale University guidelines. In these cases, a simplified Yale Child Study Center wordmark is used (see business cards on this page). The graphic element can be used on collateral for celebratory events and giveaways. For all additional questions, please contact someone on the Networking & Outreach Committee via

Yale Medicine, Yale School of Medicine Logo

In addition, the branding for Yale Child Study Center follows the branding for Yale Medicine, and on external communications the YM and YSM co-brands should always appear subordinate to the Yale Child Study Center brand, but the two should be the same size so that one does not appear to be hierarchically above the other.

Yale Child Study Center Resources and Support

We’ve provided the answers and downloads to several common branding needs below. If you have additional needs, please contact Eventually many common branding projects will be quickly and easily handled through

Design Services

  • For business cards, letterhead (both physical and electronic), and envelopes, call Yale Printing & Publishing Services to place your order. You can view samples below.
  • For other design needs, please contact Lauren Perry at who can direct you to the proper source for design.
  • For information on representing CSC at community events, please contact the Networking & Outreach Committee (Sandi Gossart-Walker) at