Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)

Early Childhood Peace Consortium Inauguration


To create a legacy of sustained peace by drawing on the transformative power of early childhood development by building a global movement that values the role of young children and families as agents of change in peace building (UNICEF, ECD Unit) 

This consortium brings together global leaders in effective practice, new and emerging knowledge, finance, media, philanthropy and international policy to create a legacy of sustained peace, drawing on the transformative force of early childhood development (ECD). A multidisciplinary Yale University team has joined forces with these leaders to form the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) and participated in its inaugural event in September 2013, at UNICEF head quarters in New York. 

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A Culture of Peace

Introduction to Consortium

"Dear Colleagues and friends: Your science, your knowledge, your practical experience, your dedication to the well being of children and their families globally, helped to orchestrate a global movement for peace, that values the role of young children and families as agents of change in peace building. This is changing the tide of violence, that is marking, our world today." 

Rima Salah, PhD, Rima Salah, PhD, Adjunct Faculty Yale University Child Study Center, former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, former Deputy Special Representative of the Sec-Gen, UN Mission in Central African Rep and Chad; ECPC Launch Event 20 Sept 2013

United Nations / Can positive early childhood development lead to more peaceful societies?

United Nations HQ NYC / 9 September 2014 - On the occasion of the 2014 UN High-level Forum on The Culture of Peace on 9th September, Yale University along with members of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium, UNICEF and the Global Movement for the Culture of Peace organized a luncheon with distinguished guests to discuss the transformative power of children and families as a pathway to peace. We have captured the knowledge, ideas and human spirit shared during the event here.
Early Childhood Peace Consortium Launch at UNICEF

Early Childhood Peace Consortium Launch at UNICEF

NEW YORK, NY, 20 September 2013

1. A New Paradigm for Peace: The Transformative Power of ECD for Peace

1. A New Paradigm for Peace: The Transformative Power of ECD for Peace

Photo slideshow / United Nations HQ NYC / Special Lunch Event at the U.N. Culture of Peace Forum / 9 Sept 2014 / Distinguished panelists & guests

The whole world will not change automatically. Nor will it stand still and wait for us. Regardless, I, personally, pledge to strengthen the ability of the Alliance to work closer with Yale University’s Child Study Center to advance our mutual goals. In closing, let me say this, our world is a great, yet complex thing. To leave it to a generation which is unprepared, and unequipped with the proper principles and ethics, would be hazardous. Hence, instilling values of harmony and tolerance in our children through instruments of early education is vital for a peaceful future. The time for change is NOW. Let us benefit from today, for a better tomorrow.