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Research Projects

Motivated by AÇEV’s conceptual framework, and in partnership with several academic, philanthropic and policy agencies, the following establish evidence-based research targeted on early childhood development and peace building has recently been conducted or is currently underway.

Empowerment and Resilience in Children Everywhere (ERICE) brings together child mental health professionals from Israel and Palestine to formulate and accomplish joint projects to enhance the well being of children and families that neighbor one another in this strife-torn region of the world.

Global Child Refugee Crisis - Call to Action: Members of the Yale Faculty engage in ongoing initiatives on campus to engage with peace building and refugee relief efforts

Global Communications and Community-building Strategy: This pioneering evidence-building initiative will bring together university-wide and global interdisciplinary collaborative research to better understand the relationship between early childhood development and peace (in the home, community, and the larger society) and interventions for the unprecedented number of the world’s children living in conflict zones. Scheduled to launch mid-2016.

Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV): Yale University and program sponsor and partner, AÇEV, have embarked on a joint project to achieve the common objective of analyzing the linkages between early childhood development (ECD) and peace building through scientific research, to disseminate results and advocate for better policies on global platforms.

Mother Child Education Program (MOCEP): Implementation and Impact Evaluation study of AÇEV’s Mother and Child Education Program among children and families in Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon.