Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)


To create a legacy of sustained peace by drawing on the transformative power of early childhood development by building a global movement that values the role of young children and families as agents of change in peace building


The Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) brings together global leaders in effective practice, new and emerging knowledge, finance, media, philanthropy and international policy to create a legacy of sustained peace, drawing on the transformative force of early childhood development (ECD). A multidisciplinary Yale University team has joined forces with these leaders to form the ECPC, a loose affiliation of global partners from multiple sectors, institutions and organizations engaged in peace building in early childhood development.

Launch of the Official ECPC Website & ECPC Conference Video Series

The official ECPC communications platform was officially launched by University Webmaster for Yale, Franz Joseph Hartl, JD, on 29 November 2018 at the ECPC Open House Conference "Early Childhood Development Advances The Culture of Peace". The conference, hosted at Yale University featured 25 world champions in evidence-based science and practice, education, human migration, web technology and media. A 14-part video series was produced, featuring talks by these experts who pave a road to hope and build pathways to peace through the transformative power of children and families.

ECPC Origin & Timeline

From 2009 - present: Building a generation of reconciliation

2013 ECPC Inaugural Event

Launch of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) with 140 partners from multiple sectors (civil society, the social and mass media, government officials, multi and bilateral agencies, practitioners and academia), agencies and countries

2014-16 ECPC Events & Activities

Main ECPC events that have served to further add momentum to the global movement that values the well-being of children and families as an agent of change for peace.

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Image: Yale delegation at the ECPC Inauguration
  • L-R Standing: Pia Rebello Britto, PhD (CSC); Omri Wiseman (CSC), James F. Leckman, MD (CSC), Daniel Tam-Clairborne, Kaveh Khoshnood, PhD, MPH (EPH), Walter Gilliam, PhD (CSC), Seharish Gillani, Gerald O'Dowd (Arts & Sci), Kerry Ann Dobies (FASPSY); Adrian Cerezo, PhD; C. Brandon Ogubunufor, MD; Yanki Yazgan, MD (CSC), Kyle D. Pruett, MD (CSC/Sch Nursing)¬†
  • L-R Seated: Catherine Panter-Brick, PhD (Anthropology, Health & Global Affairs, EPH), Jiarui Wang (ACSWS), Rima Salah, PhD (CSC), Maria R. Reyes, PhD (CSC), Anna Zonderman, MPH (CSC); N. Shemrah Fallon (CSC); Angelica Ponguta, PhD (CSC)
Photo credit: N. Shemrah Fallon and Eva Lotta Schiermeyer

A Culture of Peace

Introduction to Consortium
Rima Salah, PhD

"Dear Colleagues and friends: Your science, your knowledge, your practical experience, your dedication to the well being of children and their families globally, helped to orchestrate a global movement for peace, that values the role of young children and families as agents of change in peace building. This is changing the tide of violence, that is marking, our world today." 

Rima Salah, PhD, Rima Salah, PhD, Adjunct Faculty Yale University Child Study Center, former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, former Deputy Special Representative of the Sec-Gen, UN Mission in Central African Rep and Chad; ECPC Launch Event 20 Sept 2013

PPT | Changing the Tide of Violence

The Impact of Positive Parenting
By Rima Salah, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale Child Study Center