In-Home Clinical Services

The Yale Child Study Center provides home-based treatment services to families with children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbance, problems of drugs and alcohol, or involvement in the juvenile justice system.  Services are also available for families in which children are affected by abuse, or neglect, and/or the chronic or acute physical and mental illness, or substance abuse of those caring for them.  Among the services provided by population specific programs are evaluation, assessment, treatment planning, individual, dyadic, family, and group psychotherapy, parent counseling, clinically informed case management and medication management.  The primary goal of treatment is to improve the fit between the child and the care-giving adults, prevent disruptions of parent/child relationships and assist the child and family to remain safely in the community.  Services are provided by a staff of social workers, psychologists, nurses, physicians, and mental health counselors who work with more than 700 children and their families annually.

Home-based treatment programs place a high value on public/private collaboration and cooperation in the interest of meeting the multiple needs of children and families. Referrals are welcomed from schools, parents, public and private provider agencies, hospitals and probation.  Major funding sources include the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, The Connecticut Department of Social Services, the Court Support Services Division of the Connecticut Superior Court, the Community Health Associations of Connecticut, The Probate Court, Ryan White Part A and private foundations.

Specific programs provided in the home:

People Listing

Jean Adnopoz, MPH

Clinical Professor in the Child Study Center

Judith Eisenberg

Assistant Clinical Professor of Social Work

Sandra Gossart-Walker, MSW

Assistant Clinical Professor (Social Work) in the Child Study Center

Bethany Kleine, MSW, LCSW

Assistant Clinical Professor (Social Work) in the Child Study Center

Michelle St. Pierre, MSW

Clinical Instructor in the Child Study Center (Social Work)

Joseph Woolston, MD

Albert J. Solnit Professor in the Child Study Center and Professor of Pediatrics

Virginia J. Zecchini

Assistant Clinical Professor (Social Work) in the Child Study Center