Rhea Paul, PhD, CCC (SLP)

Research Interests

Autistic Disorder; Child Language; Child Psychiatry; Communication Disorders; Speech Perception; Psychiatry and Psychology

Research Organizations

Developmental Disabilities Program

MacMillan Center

Research Summary

Yale Child Study Center's Laboratory of Developmental Communication Disorders studies auditory preferences, prespeech vocalizations, speech, language, communication, and literacy in children with autism spectrum disorders and related conditions.

Specialized Terms: child language disorders; speech perception; prosody; autism spectrum disorders language-based literacy skills

Extensive Research Description

My research concerns speech, language, and communication in children with developmental disabilities.
Studies of Pragmatics and Prosody in Speakers with ASD
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Methods of Inducing Speech in Nonspeaking Preschoolers with ASD
Studies of speech, language and communication in toddlers with ASD
Studies of auditory preferences, prespeech vocalization and communication in infant siblings of children with ASD
Improving preliteracy skills in inner-city preschoolers through teacher education in strategies for language stimulation

Selected Publications

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Contact Info

Rhea Paul, PhD, CCC (SLP)
Office Location
Temple Medical Center
40 Temple Street, Ste 7D

New Haven, CT 06510
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Mailing Address
Yale Child Study Center40 Temple St.
New Haven, CT 06510

Curriculum Vitae

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Laboratory of Developmental Communication Disorders, Yale CSC