James William Loomis, PhD

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James W. Loomis, Ph.D.

Jim Loomis is a child and family psychologist at the Center for Children with Special Needs in <_st13a_place _w3a_st="on"><_st13a_city _w3a_st="on">Glastonbury,
<_st13a_state _w3a_st="on">Connecticut where he specializes in work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, developmental disabilities, and pediatric illness. His professional interests include the
development of social skills, adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, adaptation to pediatric illness, and school based programs for children and adolescents. A frequent speaker to regional and national audiences of professionals and parents, he is on the Professional Advisory Councils of the <_st13a_placename _w3a_st="on">Autism <_st13a_placename _w3a_st="on">Spectrum <_st13a_placename _w3a_st="on">Resource <_st13a_placetype _w3a_st="on">Center
and the State of <_st13a_place _w3a_st="on"><_st13a_state _w3a_st="on">Connecticut Division of Autism Services and he is a
past chair of the Professional Advisory Council of the Spina Bifida Association of America. He also consults to the Connecticut Program for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. He is the author of Staying in the Game: Providing Social
Opportunities for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Developmental Disabilities
, and is on the clinical faculty at the <_st13a_place _w3a_st="on"><_st13a_placename _w3a_st="on">Yale <_st13a_placename _w3a_st="on">Child <_st13a_placename _w3a_st="on">Study <_st13a_placetype _w3a_st="on">Center.

Education & Training

PhD University of Michigan (1985)

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James William Loomis, PhD
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Center for Children with Special Needs2213 Main Street
Glastonbury, CT 06033

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