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Child Study Center Grand Rounds: "Adolescent Depression: Building Digital Mental Health Approaches to Prevention and Early Intervention"

Despite the increased availability of mental health services for young people, rates of disorders such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicide are rising in the US. This highlights the need to not only increase the accessibility of mental health services, but to also improve their quality, effectiveness, and to increase our focus on prevention and early intervention. In this talk I will review some of my work on prospective longitudinal studies of adolescent development and risk for mental health problems, emphasizing the discovery of modifiable risk factors that can inform novel preventative and clinical approaches. Finally, I will review our recent efforts to leverage mobile and wearable computing to develop scalable approaches to continuous monitoring of mental health states that can then facilitate a new generation of just in time interventions.


  • University of Oregon

    Nicholas B. Allen, PhD
    Ann Swindells Professor of Clinical Psychology Director - Center for Digital Mental Health





Grand Rounds
Sep 202227Tuesday
1:00 PM2:00 PM