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Parental Perspectives & Supporting Families


This presentation is from the point of view of the parent of a child with autism. It starts by reviewing the early warning signs of autism, highlighting the red flags and discussing the importance of early intervention. It then looks at the effect of an autism diagnosis on the entire family, focusing on the challenges families face finding and paying for treatments, gaining access to appropriate schools, and worrying about their child’s future. It also addresses the importance of focusing on evidence-based treatments for autism. Finally, it explains how and why many families fall victim to charlatans offering the latest “cure du jour” for autism.

Featured Reading

Featured reading for the Parental Perspectives & Supporting Families lecture comes from:

Boyd, B. (2003). Parenting a child with Asperger syndrome. London: Jessica Kingsley.

Find this book online at the Publisher's website or preview it in Google Books.