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Salary and Benefits

Salary for 2019-2020

*These salary rates reflect the Integrated Program’s matching of Yale Adult Psychiatry Residency Program salaries which include funding not provided to YNHH residents in lieu of a retirement.


Year Integrated
PG-1 $70,268
PG-2 $73,531
PG-3 $76,958
PG-4 $80,555
PG-5 $82,733
PG-6 $86,620
PG-7 $90,701
PG-8 $94,986


  • Health Benefits: Residents are eligible to obtain personal and family health benefits at no cost through the Yale Health Plan, which provides care for students, employees, and faculty of Yale University. Other commercial health insurance plans are also available.
  • Disability Insurance Benefits: Disability benefits are provided for all residents at no charge.
  • License Costs: The department will reimburse you for your Connecticut Medical License as well as your DEA License in the PGY3-5 years and prorated in PGY6.
  • Vacation: Residents may take 20 days of paid vacation per academic.
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  • Education Funds: $1,000 is provided to each resident annually to defer expenses related to resident education.
  • Society Memberships: The Child Study Center Department pays membership dues for American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)

Miscellaneous Benefits

  • Annual Academic/Wellness Retreat covered by the department
  • On-call rooms for every service
  • Food fund credit during PGY 1
  • A lounge for house staff with TV, 24-hour brewed coffee, food provided every night, refrigerator and computers
  • Spouse/domestic partner Yale