MTB Training Materials


Parental Reflective Functioning: Definition, Assessment, and Clinical Applications DVD (56 minutes) 
Delivered by Minding the Baby® Co-Founder Dr. Arietta Slade, this dynamic hour-long lecture-style DVD includes a definition and history of Parental Reflective Functioning (PRF) or mentalization, methods for recognizing and assessing this construct, and links between PRF and attachment. Overviews of the Pregnancy Interview (PI) and the Parental Development Interview (PDI) are also included, along with clinical and research applications of both measures. Now available for purchase for $125. 


For past participants of the Minding the Baby® (MTB) Introductory Training Institute who received print materials as part of their registration fee, a limited supply of replacement or updated copies are available for purchase. This includes the MTB Treatment Manual (recently updated in 2018) and MTB Clinician Quick Reference Guide (planned for updates in 2019). Only those who have participated in the training are eligible to receive copies of these materials. 

For organizations or funders who are seriously considering pursuing MTB model replication, a newly revised MTB Replication Planning Guide is available upon request. A regularly updated MTB Operations Manual is provided to implementing agencies who undertake full program replication, which involves a contractual agreement along with additional in-depth training and consultation through the MTB National Office. 

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