MTB Introductory Training

Minding the Baby® (MTB) National Office faculty and staff developed a multi-day introductory training institute titled Enhancing Reflective Parenting in Home Visiting: Lessons Learned from Minding the Baby®. Initially offered to the public over three days on the Yale University campus, this intensive training is now delivered as part of required introductory training for MTB implementing agencies. It is also available on a contractual basis to organizations interested in replicating the MTB model or informing an adaptation of the model. 

The training institute is focused on the clinical strategies and approaches applied within the innovative MTB clinical practice. MTB National Office faculty and staff provide an introduction to the basic constructs and techniques of the MTB reflective parenting model. The Institute can serve as a stand-alone training, lead to a full-scale replication of MTB, or provide the basis for ongoing consultation and supervision to organizations with similar reflective parenting programs.   

Aimed at preparing clinicians and other program staff to develop and implement interdisciplinary reflective parenting programs in their own unique communities, the training introduces a range of clinical approaches that are key for successful reflective home visiting programs. These approaches, which are theoretically grounded, are derived from MTB clinician experiences in the field. Small group and role-play activities are interspersed throughout for hands-on learning. 

A more comprehensive menu of training and consultation is currently under development and may include new one-day offerings at Yale in addition to additional DVD and webinar offerings. To be notified of future training dates and details, please join our mailing list and follow us on FaceBook

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