MTB Implementation

Agencies or funders interested in pursuing MTB implementation are encouraged to contact us to discuss various implementation considerations and agency requirements, and to receive the MTB Replication Planning Guide. As outlined in the Planning Guide, there are a number of issues to consider prior to making the decision to implement MTB. This process should begin with a thorough review of the MTB model for appropriateness to the agency, community, and client population; as well as the essential elements and requirements for implementation. 

As the initial community-based tasks are undertaken, MTB National Office staff members are available to answer questions and discuss program fit. Once the decision to proceed with implementation has been made, discussions begin with the MTB National Office with regard to timeline, costs, and contractual needs. It is imperative that hiring of staff does not take place until an agreement is in place and/or the model developers are consulted with regard to clinician and supervisor selection. Some important hiring considerations are also included in the Planning Guide. 

While the replication process (and timeline) varies from site to site and from one organization to another, there are typically six main phases to full program implementation, extending over at least a 30-month period. All phases are required in order to implement MTB and use the Minding the Baby® trademarked program name. 

In an effort to provide a more streamlined and less costly version of MTB, we have adapted the original 27-month model to allow for less intensity in the child’s second year. The “MTB Adapted” model includes an intensive 15-month intervention (3 months prenatally and 12 months after the birth of the baby) that mirrors the first 15 months of the original model. Once the baby reaches 12 months of age, the intervention dose is decreased to two “booster session” home visits during the baby’s second year. When the baby turns 18 months old and again at 24 months, the clinicians visit each family for a booster session to discuss parenting, safety, health, development, and child behaviors. 

For more information, including pricing, a sample calendar for full scale replication, additional details about MTB Adapted, or our MTB Replication Planning Guide, please contact us