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Consultation to Communities Developing Law Enforcement-Mental Health Partnerships

The CVTC offers consultation, training and technical assistance to communities interested in developing law enforcement-mental health partnerships to respond to children exposed to violence. Individualized consultation is designed to identify and find solutions to organizational and operational challenges. CVTC consultation is grounded in developmental theory and focuses on building community capacity to offer developmentally appropriate responses children exposed to violence.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to local interventions, CVTC consultation helps communities forge and strengthen unique broad-based collaborative efforts to decrease childhood exposure to violence by including law enforcement and mental health professionals as partners serving children exposed to violence. Specifically, CVTC consultation can assist sites to assess readiness to implement collaborative programs, develop organizational structures to meet community needs, and facilitate and enhance collaboration among key stakeholders.

CVTC consultation has helped communities:

  • Grow capacities essential to collaborative efforts, including willingness and ability to share information and cases across organizations, the cultivation of a learning community within each organization’s staff and among its partners, and standard policies, procedures, and protocols for responding to children exposed to violence and their families.

  • Acquire specific knowledge and skills to work with young children exposed to violence, including state-of-the-art intervention techniques.

  • Develop understanding of the critical role of law enforcement in efforts designed to serve children exposed to violence, maximizing the formal and informal use of information, and the capacity of law enforcement professionals to reinforce safety and security.


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