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Professional Development

We bring our expertise to a variety of professionals who serve children and families. We have specialized trainings for K-12 educators and administrators, police officers and chiefs, city officials, and a wide range of clinicians and therapists.

Child Study Center Leadership Workshop with Drs. David & Mayes

View the "Delegation, Accountability, & Mentoring Others During Moments of Uncertainty" PowerPoint (CAS login required)

  • The Comer School Development Program designs and delivers customized professional development experiences for pre-K to 12 educators at the school and district levels. We synthesize and combine the latest research with our experiences as professional educators to provide participants with practical, effective, and research-based strategies that they can use immediately.

  • Training and Professional Development opportunities are available through the MTB National Office.

  • The YCTSR offers a wide variety of training opportunities for professionals of many disciplines, with the common goals of increasing awareness of the impact of exposure to violence and other potentially traumatic events and enhancing professionals’ capacity to identify and respond to the psychological needs of traumatized children.

  • Partners in Education

    YCSC partners with the leadership and professional staff of schools to help optimize the mental health, educational and overall developmental potential of students
  • The Yale Child Study Center is collaborating with Child Bereavement UK and the New York Life Foundation to fill the gap that exists in bereavement support and training both locally and nationally by addressing bereavement resources aimed at healthcare professionals outside of the mental health arena. This multi-faceted program includes providing in-person and virtual trainings to healthcare providers who work with bereaved families, as well as developing resources for families and providers about various bereavement-related topics.