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Child Study Center Compassionate Care: “From physical distancing to self-compassion:a virtual compassionate Grand Rounds in the times of Covid”

Working in the time of physical distancing can challenge staff’s own emotional health and wellness. Our roles as clinicians, educators, and parents involve an inherent value of compassion toward others- the families we treat, educate, and support, the children we are raising- but can be lacking in the same nurturing frame toward ourselves. Self-compassion introduces us to the benefits of being kind to ourselves (rather than critical or judgmental), recognizing our common humanity (we’re all in this together, we can experience the feeling of connectedness even in times of geographical distance), and mindfulness of what is (a healthy balance and awareness of our emotions and experiences). Today’s grand rounds brings this topic to the community, and we ask for your ideas and contributions to help us all figure out how to thrive and flourish during COVID.






Grand Rounds