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CANCELLED Child Study Center Viola Bernard Grand Rounds: "The Post Secondary Educational Experiences of Rural Appalachian Youth: Obstacles and Opportunities"

The Appalachian region of the United States shows significant health disparities and poorer health outcomes across many dimensions, compared with the rest of the nation. Rural Appalachian counties fare less well than their non-rural counterparts. Educational attainment is an important social indicator of health, and the two, and four-year college completion rates of rural Appalachians are much lower than the national average. Yet, college access and opportunities are highly valued by young people in Appalachia. This presentation will highlight some of the most important impediments to college going, persistence, and completion among rural Appalachian youth and suggest policies to improve post-secondary educational outcomes in the region.


  • Sewanee; University of the South

    Paige Schnelder, PhD
    Assistant Professor





Grand Rounds
Apr 202014Tuesday
Nieson Irving Harris BuildingCohen Auditorium, E230 South Frontage RoadNew Haven, CT